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We have full commitment with the satisfaction of our customers and with the environment. For this reason we implemented a latest generation high-technology wastewater purification system in order to minimize our impact to the environment.

The waste materials generated by the processes are handled by certified companies to assure a responsible & traceable disposal.


The quality of our surface treatments is permanently tested in our fully equipped laboratory.
Here, the thickness of the coatings, their resistance to corrosion and other parameters are thoroughly tested to comply with OEM’ssupplied norms such as:

  • PSA-B 15410.
  • VW TL244.
  • RENAULT CDC 47-01-00C As1/pe0/v/F0.
  • BMW GS 90010.
  • NISSAN NES M4060.
  • TOYOTA TSH6532G.
This facility is equipped with an X rays analysis station Fischerscope, a salt spray chamber for corrosion resistance tests and an oven where thermal shock tests up to 300 degrees can be performed.

Our company has been granted the ISO 9001.


Measuring plating thickness with X rays.


Salt Spray facility for corrosion test.