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Zn-Ni (12-16%)

  • Electrolytic coating in racks and barrels.
  • Transparent and blue passivates (Cr(VI)-free).
  • Stabilization with sealers.


In the Zinc-Nickel (ZnNi) plating process a layer of zinc and nickel deposits by electrical cathodic attraction on steel surfaces.

The proportion of Nickel alloy can range from 12-16%. The coating thickness is between 5-25µm range.

Resistance to white corrosion (zinc oxide) on the salt spray test depends on the type of passivation but extend from 144 hours for normal passivation up to 240 hours for passivation + sealing.

Resistance to red corrosion (base material) is of 720 hours for normal passivation and up to 1.200 hours for passivation + sealing according to DIN EN ISO 9227.

In 2016 we added our third processing line in order to fulfill the increased incoming demand.

Rack system for larger parts.

Drum system for smaller & high volume parts.